Cell phone service on Easter Island

If you’re planning to come to Chile you might be tempted to get a local SIM card. This is a great idea that will allow you to be in touch with your relatives and friends back home and will also speed the process of booking hotels, tours, etc.
What SIM card should I get?
The only place where you will need a specific SIM card is Easter Island.  ENTEL is the only company that provides a more or less stable network for receiving and making calls.
The Internet is spotty on the island so don’t blame your hotel for having slow internet service. If you get a SIM card from another company like Wom, Claro or Movistar, you will not get service so choose wisely.
The best way to get in touch with most Chileans is by way of Whatsapp. If you don’t have it, download the app before arriving at Rapa Nui. If you try to download the free messaging app while on the island, it will take forever.
The price for a SIM card is about 5usd. Having a Chilean number will make communication easier for you and for people who try to reach you.
Entel has coverage in all of Hanga Roa town but only at some of the sites within the National Park. There’s no cellphone signal in Anakena for instance but you will be able to call and message from Rano Raraku.

Happy Travels!

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