What to do in Easter Island?

So you’ve finally got your ticket and you are excited to visit this mysterious island located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean- also called Te Pito O’Te Henua which means the belly-button of the world: Rapa Nui.

You may have already browsed through the highlights and must see places you want to visit in Easter Island right? Well, here are a couple of tips that might be useful once you land on the Island and explore the town.

Easter Island is a virtual open air museum which holds worldwide famous moai statues that are believed to be up to 1000 years old – a testimony to the island’s rich culture and archaeological treasures.

There are many tours which include visits to sacred places where moai statues have been restored into their original Ahu (platforms) and other places where you will be able to see how they were built, theories on their transportation methods, as well as some highly valued historical sites around the north coast where moai have been knocked down by the ancestral wars which seemed to engulf the island..

Other interesting places include caves, volcano craters, the breathtaking Anakena beach, and ceremonial villages where The Birdman Cult and competition took place.

Explore with us!  www.gitourseasterisland.com

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